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All about school shoes

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Posted 1st February 2023

As featured in the Mulgoa Valley District Gazette

It’s back to school! Time to check that school shoes and sports shoes haven’t been outgrown or worn out. Here are our top tips for finding the correct fit*.

1. Support

Shoes must support your child’s feet. Press on the back of the shoe (heel counter) and it should be firm. Shoes should bend up at the ball of the foot (forefoot) not the middle of the shoe (midfoot). When twisting the shoe, it should move a little to adapt to the ground, but not collapse.

2. Size

New shoes should be half to three quarters of an adult thumb width longer than then longest toe. Note: the longest toe may not be the big toe! Replace shoes when toes are close to the end when fastened. Don’t wait until they are hitting the end.

The shoe is too wide if the sides that come together in the fastening section of the shoe touch when fastened. If the shoe is too narrow, the shoe won’t fasten properly. Toes should be able to wiggle without being cramped or swimming in too much space.

Check the size by removing the insole and have your child stand on it. If they are spilling over the insole or there is too much space, the fit is incorrect.

3. Fasteners

Velcro fasteners are adequate for younger children but laces will provide more support as your child grows and increases activity. If possible, teach children to tie shoelaces as early as possible (around Year 1 or 2 is ideal).

4. Materials & manufacturing

Generally, shoes made with better quality materials will be more robust and provide better support. It is worth paying a little extra for reinforcement with stitching at the toe cap as it is likely to last longer.

5. Wear in shoes

Wear in new shoes for shorter periods at home before wearing them all day at school to avoid issues. If your child experiences any kind of pain, please book an assessment with us. Difficult feet to fit may also need fasteners to be adjusted or extra support provided.

Happy shoe shopping!

* For general information only – a healthcare professional must be seen for tailored advice

If you have any questions, please give us a call, email us, or send us a message – we’ll be happy to chat with you to discuss your needs.

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Shaheen Aumeer-Donovan

Shaheen is our Practice Manager. She works hard behind the scenes to ensure that the clinics run smoothly, best practices are being followed, and the staff have everything they need to look after the Repairs Afoot family. While a stickler for the paperwork, she’s also a little quirky and loves using her creativity to find new ways to encourage people to look after their feet.

Philip Aumeer-Donovan

Philip is our esteemed Clinical Manager and resident foot-whisperer. He has over 21 years of experience as a podiatrist and has been mentoring new graduates in the profession for over 12 years. He hasn’t met a sore foot he didn’t want to treat, which is why he has strived to build a clinic that can help patients with any kind of foot issue, and is committed to continuing education to ensure he is up-to-date with any new developments that could be beneficial for his patients. It is also why he is believes strongly in sharing his knowledge with the wider community.