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Our top tips for happy feet this summer

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Shaheen Aumeer-Donovan
Philip Aumeer-Donovan

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Posted 1st December 2022

As featured in the Mulgoa Valley District Gazette

It’s summertime! Traditionally, this is the time of year that exercise shoes are dusted off and sandals retrieved from the back of the closet as the weather warms up and the outdoors seems much more appealing once again. Here are our top tips for keeping feet healthy this summer:*

1. Build exercise intensity gradually

When starting to get back into exercise, particularly after a long break, the temptation is to pick up the intensity where you left off. This can over-stress muscles and joints, causing pain to develop. Instead, gradually build up the intensity to give foot and ankle structures time to gain strength.

2. Wear appropriate footwear

Replacing worn out shoes and wearing supportive footwear when exercising is essential. Different shoes are appropriate for different foot mechanics, and a podiatrist can advise on the best styles of footwear and fit for all foot types. Always wear footwear around public pools to protect feet from infections like the wart virus.

3. Stretch

Regular stretching helps to decrease the risk of injury during activity. Only 5-10 min of stretching per day, particularly before exercise, can save on months of pain and rehab!

4. Change socks regularly

Changing to fresh socks when they get sweaty can help prevent infections such as tinea and fungal nails, and help stop blisters from occurring.

5. Moisturise

Applying cream can help reduce calluses (hard skin) and cracking on the feet which increases the risk of infection and pain. Moisturised feet also look much better in summer footwear!

6. Visit us at Repairs Afoot Podiatry

We can help with any concerns of the feet, ankles and lower legs.

* For general information only – a healthcare professional must be seen for tailored advice

If you have any questions, please give us a call, email us, or send us a message – we’ll be happy to chat with you to discuss your needs.

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Shaheen Aumeer-Donovan

Shaheen is our Practice Manager. She works hard behind the scenes to ensure that the clinics run smoothly, best practices are being followed, and the staff have everything they need to look after the Repairs Afoot family. While a stickler for the paperwork, she’s also a little quirky and loves using her creativity to find new ways to encourage people to look after their feet.

Philip Aumeer-Donovan

Philip is our esteemed Clinical Manager and resident foot-whisperer. He has over 21 years of experience as a podiatrist and has been mentoring new graduates in the profession for over 12 years. He hasn’t met a sore foot he didn’t want to treat, which is why he has strived to build a clinic that can help patients with any kind of foot issue, and is committed to continuing education to ensure he is up-to-date with any new developments that could be beneficial for his patients. It is also why he is believes strongly in sharing his knowledge with the wider community.